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How do I pay my Sparklight bill?
Sparklight offers many convenient options to pay your bill including online, by phone, by mail, and in person. Start here for an online list of payment options.
Which modems does Sparklight support?
Sparklight strives to produce a high level of reliability, stability, and security for our high-speed Internet subscribers. As such, we continually evaluate cable modems on our network for compatibility and performance.

Check our current list of supported cable modems that have been certified to work on the Sparklight high-speed Internet network.
Is there an outage in my area?
Check our online outage information page for troubleshooting tips or set up outage text alerts through your online account.
How do I test my internet speed?
A speed test is the best way to determine how fast your internet is. It only takes a minute, and it’s important to follow the instructions to get an accurate result. All your connected devices share the internet speed delivered to your home, so you need to disconnect other devices from the internet before you conduct the test. Also, sluggish background apps can interfere with the test, so close any open applications on your computer. To run the test, plug your computer directly into your router or modem and turn off the wireless connection on your computer to get the most accurate reading of your internet speed. Now you’re ready to conduct a test and discover your real-time upload, download, jitter, and ping speeds.


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