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Being a strong local community partner is central to Sparklight's mission and values. We have a personal stake in improving the communities we serve. Through educational programs and donations of time and resources, we seek to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.


Sparklight associates are passionate about giving back to the communities in which they live and work, volunteering year-round to raise money for or support causes which will benefit the community. Every day we reach out to our neighbors and work hard to make a difference in our community.


Sparklight believes strongly in improving education through the use of technology. While many school systems are taking big steps and working to give every student and teacher access to the technology and tools they need to learn, not all schools have access to funding to support this effort.

By donating Chromebooks to Title 1 elementary schools in our community each year, we're investing in a generation of future leaders and helping to conquer the digital divide in schools that lack funding.


Sparklight and the other Cable One™ family of brands are committed to advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives across the more than 200 cities and towns in the 21 states we serve. Through our philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, we provide support for nonprofit organizations to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference where we live and work.

In keeping with our brand principles – do right by those we serve, drive progress, and lend a hand - we provide funding to support a variety of initiatives and programs, including STEM education in local schools; vocational and life skills training for persons with disabilities; capital campaign support for social services; and programs advocating on behalf of abused and neglected children, families in need, and the homeless. 



At Sparklight, we are taking short- and long-term action to further develop a culture of respect and inclusion - one in which differences are valued and diverse viewpoints are embraced, bringing us closer to one another, our customers and the communities we serve.

As a result of our on-going support of EmbraceRace, we are helping to create the tools, resources, discussion spaces and networks we need to nurture resilience in children of color; nurture inclusive, empathetic children of all stripes; raise kids who think critically about racial inequality; and support a movement of kid and adult racial justice advocates for all children.   

Sparklight is also committed to supporting the mission of Special Olympics Arizona, which provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports, as well as health, arts, and leadership and advocacy programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  



Sparklight is committed to an ethic of responsible stewardship by engaging in eco-friendly practices in order to lessen our impact on the environment. These practices extend to transportation, water conservation, energy management, recycling, the use of biodegradable products, and paperless billing.

Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are planting trees on behalf of customers who switch to Paperless Billing. By 2021, we will have planted 110,000 trees in Sparklight markets and national forests.

Sparklight also believes that every community should be a clean, green and beautiful place to live. This is why we support Keep America Beautiful in their mission to clean up and beautify communities across the U.S.

We are proud of our achievements, but we know there is more we can do, and we will continue to innovate for our customers while operating in an increasingly sustainable manner.