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Ambition Thrives at Gig Speed.

Sparklight’s fiber-powered network delivers whole home Wifi coverage, so you can enjoy all that speed, whenever you want it. Fast. Reliable. Demand both.

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*Up to 940 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds.

The following Internet services are covered by the ACP program due to the $75 maximum discount available in Oklahoma, (excluding data usage, taxes or equipment rental): Internet 25Mbps and 200Mbps. In select Oklahoma areas: Freedom Connect 300, 600 and Gig. Click here for more information about the ACP Benefit.

Find out about the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), which
may provide a discount on internet service for eligible households.

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Unlimited Data Option

Stream, play and connect as much as you want. Simply add the unlimited* data option to the Internet 200 , Internet 300 or Internet 500 plan for an additional $30/month.

*After 5TB of data usage, speed may be slowed for network management.


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