How to test your internet speed

Let's get you the internet speeds you deserve. Here's how to test your internet connection:

Number 1

Plug in

Plug your PC directly into your cable modem or router and disconnect or turn off the WiFi.
Number 2

Shut Down Applications

Now, make sure no other applications are running on your computer.
Number 3

Check for Other Users

Next, make sure your PC is the only device using the internet connection.

Unexpected results?

It could happen, but don't worry! Slower-than-expected speed does not mean there's a problem with your internet connection. A loose connection, interference or even distance to your WiFi router can be an issue.Read Our Wifi Tips

Improve Internet Speed

Here are some factors that could explain why your internet is slow. Check these issues to experience premium internet speed.

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Is your modem able to meet the speed of your internet plan? Maybe not. It may be time to check on - or upgrade - your modem.

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Other devices in the vicinity can slow down your internet. Do a quick check of your surroundings and turn off any devices that are not in use.

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WiFi Security

Are people outside your home accessing your network? This can really slow you down. To ensure the fastest internet, set up a secure WiFi password.

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WiFi Tips

Testing your internet connection while connected to WiFi can deliver slower results. Try adjusting the channel on your wireless network. To do this, simply visit the Wireless provide's website or check their handbook for guidance.