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Is your Internet running slow? Is it your WiFi Speed or your Internet Speed? What if moving your router just a few feet could make your WiFi twice as fast? There are several easy things you can do that may boost your Internet and WiFi performance.


Check out the following video to explore five easy steps to improve your WiFi signal.



Shorten the distance between the WiFi router/modem and your device

  • The farther the distance, the weaker the signal and slower the WiFi speeds.
  • Relocate your WiFi router/modem closer to where your devices are used.

TIP: If your wired speed is slow, your WiFi speed won't be any faster. Resetting your modem can fix a slow wired speed.


Remove "blockers" that can block or interrupt your WiFi signal

  • Don't place your WiFi router/modem inside or behind obstacles, such as in a cabinet or behind a door.
  • Learn more¬†troubleshooting tips to improve your wireless connection.

TIP: Place your WiFi router/modem higher (on a bookshelf) and in a central location for the best performance.


Check for household electronics that may cause signal interference

  • Cordless phones, microwaves, and baby monitors operate on the same frequency and can lower your WiFi speeds.
  • Other electronics, such as fluorescent lights or plasma TV's can interfere as well.
  • Try these 5 simple steps to improve your WiFi signal.

TIP: Unplug your devices one at a time to see if your speed improves. You may find one device is causing the slow speed.


Reduce interference from other WiFi routers/modems

  • Dense areas, such as apartments or condos mean more connection congestion.
  • Make sure you're on your WiFi connection and not your neighbor's.
  • Try changing the channel on your WiFi router/modem.
  • If you have a newer device, try switching from the 2.4GHz band to the less commonly used 5Ghz (5Ghz has less range than 2.4Ghz, but if there's less interference, your range and speed may improve).
  • See our additional troubleshooting techniques to improve your WiFi performance.

TIP: Download a WiFi analyzer app for your smartphone to see what channels your neighbors are using; use a different channel if possible.


Check the age of your device

  • Older devices may not be able to handle advanced speeds. Newer smartphones, tablets and computers will be faster than older ones.
  • If your WiFi device is running slowly, your connection may also be slow.
  • Try these 5 simple steps for a faster, more reliable connection.

TIP: Test the speed of other household WiFi devices to see how they compare.


Reset your WiFi system

  • If the software on your router/modem encounters a problem, resetting your WiFi can sometimes fix it.

TIP: Reset your computer and router/modem first, then your WiFi devices.


Check your coaxial connection at your modem and cable outlet

  • A loose connection can cause slowdowns in your speed.


Look for "Speed Hogs"

  • One device may be a bandwidth hog.
  • Try these 5 simple steps for a faster, more reliable connection.

TIP: Disconnect one device at a time and then check your speed to see if you can isolate a problem device in your home. Check out the next tip ("Keep It Fresh") if you find a device gone wild.


Check for updates

  • Old firmware or operating systems can cause slow connections.
  • Be sure to check device firmware (phones, tablets, computers) and operating system software for updates.

TIP: Check your device manufacturer websites to see if you're running the latest and greatest drivers, software, and updates.


Are you a bandwidth super user?

  • Do you use multiple devices at the same time?
  • Do you frequently stream movies and TV?
  • Are you an online gamer?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a basic WiFi setup may not have the horsepower you need.
  • View our list of cable modems that have been certified to work on the Sparklight high speed Internet network. You may need to upgrade to a modem or router with more antennas, 802.11AC capability and 5Ghz bands.

TIP: If your devices have AC WiFi and your router supports it, use AC instead of N on as many devices as possible.


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