Caution TV and Phone Customers

Please be aware ordering TV and Phone service requires a technician to enter the home to install these services. In order for a technician to enter your home to install service, you must be able to answer "NO" to the three questions below. Additionally, if you are in a city, county or state with a "Shelter in Place" or "Stay at Home" order in place, our technicians will not be able to enter your home to install service.

  • Is anyone in the home ill, recently ill, or experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19)? (Ex: fever, cough, or shortness of breath)
  • Have you or anyone in your home recently returned from any international travel, or recently traveled to an area currently experiencing a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? (Ex: Any travel outside the continental US, or to an outbreak area in the US within in the last 14 days)
  • Does anyone in the home fall into the CDC high-risk groups? (Ex: Adults over 59, individuals with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease)

Get digital quality where it matters most

Your phone is important to you. When speaking with loved ones, friends or clients, reliable service and crisp sound matters. With Sparklight, you receive the No. 1 rated phone service in customer satisfaction. And with so many free and popular features - you get it all for less!

Economy Phone

Unlimited Local

  • Unlimited local calls
  • 10 cents/minute unlimited long distance calling in the Continental US
  • Great rates for international calls View rates
  • Keep your current number
  • No contract
Standard Phone


Local & Long Distance
  • Unlimited long distance calling in the Continental US
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding and much more View features
  • No contract

Phone + Internet + TV

  • Standard Cable TV with up to 100 channels
  • Up to 100 Mbps High Speed Internet
  • 300GB Data*
  • Standard Phone with unlimited local & long distance calling in the Continental US
  • No contract

Switch today - keep your number

We understand that you have enough going on in life. Memorizing and sharing a new number with friends and family is an unnecessary hassle. That's why with us, you’ll keep the number you know, to go along with superior digital service from Sparklight.


Rates are subject to change

You don't have to go to great lengths for great value. With Sparklight, you get a great rate to every country.


We've Got You

When it comes to connecting you to what matters, there's a lot involved. At Sparklight, we can take care of it all. We'll keep the internet, phone and TV wiring in your home up and running with ServiceGuard. Let's get you covered.

Add Service Guard to any service plan at checkout.
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