Need Help Choosing your Internet Installation Method?

Whether you're a gamer or streamer looking for ultra-fast internet speeds, Sparklight has you covered.
In this guide, we will walk you through the pros and cons of self-installation, explain how to self-install your Sparklight internet, how to use the Sparklight Self-Installation Kit, whether you should rent or buy the equipment needed, and more.

Ways to Install Internet from Sparklight

When you checkout, you may have two options to choose between when it comes to installing your Sparklight internet service. Note that the self-installation option may not be available for all locations.

When you order internet service, you can decide to:

  Schedule a professional installation with a Sparklight technician.
  Self-install your Sparklight services in your home yourself.

While it's still common to call a professional technician to install internet services for you, it’s never been easier to install yourself. Even better, Sparklight offers you live support and plenty of documentation and resources to help you through the process.

Pros and Cons of Self-Install for Internet Service

Are you unsure about whether you should self-install your internet service? Each method of installation has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of self-installation:

  Get all equipment delivered to you
  Limit people coming into your home
  Reduced activation fee

Cons of self-installation:

  No professional help & in-person troubleshooting
  Your home may not be eligible
  Requires some technical expertise

How to Use the Sparklight Self-Install Kit

Your Sparklight self-install kit comes complete with:

  Welcome letter
  Installation guide
  Modem Guide
  List of tips on managing your internet connection
  Power cord for modem
  Modem Stand
  Coaxial cable
  Ethernet cable

How to Self-Install Sparklight Internet and WiFi

Setting up your modem is easy! Use the Sparklight Self-Install Kit to set up your internet service in four easy steps.

1. Find an Optimal Location

To find an optimal location for your modem, make sure your modem is centrally located, visible, off the ground, and away from anything that can block your signal.
More Tips to Optimize your WiFi

2. Connect Your Modem

Take a coaxial cable and connect one end to the modem and the other end to the outlet. Make sure the connections are tight.

3. Activate Your Modem

It is recommended you use a desktop or laptop computer for this step. However, you can also use a tablet or smart phone if a computer is not available.

First, connect your modem to power.
Computer: Connect the modem to your computer with an ethernet cable, then open an internet browser. Once your modem comes online, your page will automatically refresh to an activation page.

Tablet / Smart Phone: Wait for the status symbol light on your modem to be solid. This step can take up to 15 minutes to activate. Connect to your WiFi network with your device and open a new web browser.

You will see a modem activation page. Click the green activate button on this page to begin the activation. This step can take up to 5 minutes. That page will say “Modem Activation Complete” when the activation is complete.

4. Connect Your Devices

Open your WiFi settings on the device and select your network name. To find your default network name and password, look for a sticker on the side or back of your modem.

Self Installation Video

Renting vs. Buying Equipment from Sparklight

You must have a modem for a broadband internet connection, and you will need a router too for WiFi access. The question you might be asking is whether you should buy or rent the equipment. If you are tech savvy, it might be more beneficial for you to buy the equipment rather than rent it from an internet service provider. Just be sure to purchase a compatible modem for Sparklight’s network that works for your internet speed.

However, there are advantages to renting equipment, even if it is a little more expensive. It's namely convenience. When you rent a new modem and/or router, you never have to worry about the unit being compatible with a system or replacing it yourself. Sparklight’s Wall-to-Wall WiFi coverage is included with every modem rental. If your rented equipment stops working, Sparklight will typically replace it free of charge. Additionally, if or when the rented modem and router become obsolete, Sparklight will also typically upgrade your modem for no additional charge.


Does Sparklight serve my area?
Check our list of locations to get the fastest high-speed internet in your neighborhood. You can also enter your address to find out if your home is serviceable by Sparklight.
Does Sparklight have 24-hour customer service?
The Sparklight support team can be reached 24/7. To talk to a customer representative and get technical support, you can contact us or use the online chat. You can also get 24/7 help online visiting
Can I set up Sparklight Internet by myself?
Sparklight offers two options for installation. You can get a professional technician to install your service, or you can self-install the service yourself. If you choose self-installation, you will typically get equipment through store pick-up or mail delivery.
Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a modem and possibly a WiFi router to access the internet. You can buy this equipment or rent a certified modem through Sparklight. If you decide to purchase your own equipment, please check our list of compatible devices for your selected internet speed.
How do I choose my modem installation method?
When you order your Sparklight internet service online and if self-installation is available for your address, you will be presented with the option to choose self-installation or professional installation when you checkout.
I’m an existing customer, will Sparklight upgrade my modem?
Sparklight's Wall-to-Wall WiFi coverage is included with every modem rental. If your rented equipment stops working, Sparklight will typically replace it free of charge. Additionally, if or when the rented modem and router become obsolete, Sparklight will also typically upgrade your modem for no additional charge.
If you purchased your own modem, then you will need to upgrade your modem yourself. Please review our list of compatible modems for Sparklight to ensure the best performance. You can also add a modem rental to your account at any time by contacting us. 



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