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You need the highest internet speeds. You stream 4K videos while your wife is on a Zoom meeting and your kids play League of Legends and livestream on Twitch. Meanwhile, your smart devices need to stay connected 24/7, and you want to download large files and images in seconds without worrying about slowdowns or interruptions. With download speeds up to 940 Mbps, GigaONE Plus provides the speed and reliability to help everyone in your large household surf, stream, watch movies, and game faster than ever before. 


If your home is jam-packed with devices and you’re looking for the fastest internet and a seamless entertainment experience for up to nine people, GigaONE Plus is for you!
Stream, upload, and download on up to 50 devices at a time.
Upload and download PDFs, slide decks, and other large files without worrying about internet interruptions.
Connect all your smart devices with gigabit internet speed — whether you have a smart doorbell, fridge, lighting system, thermostat, security system, or all of the above — while multiple people in your household enjoy competitive gaming, stream HD video, and work from home.
Download speed up to 940 Mbps
Upload speed up to 50 Mbps
Best for 50 household devices
Data plan 1,500GB
No contracts!
Stream, play, and connect as much as you
want with our unlimited data upgrade.
Upgrade any Plus Plan to unlimited data for an additional charge per month.

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The WiFi ONE Experience

Are you tired of navigating around annoying WiFi dead zones in your house? Let us introduce you to WiFi ONE, our effortless WiFi experience tailored to your home’s unique size and shape. Say goodbye to hovering next to the router during important video calls. Say hello to streaming, connecting, and gaming anywhere you want.

The best part? WiFi ONE is included with a Sparklight modem lease, and it’s 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed.


Gigabit internet is the fastest residential plan available. Some people call it ultra-high-speed internet. So how fast is gigabit internet? It transmits 1 gigabit or 1000 megabits per second for downloads. The upload speed for our GigaONE Plus Plan is 50 Mbps, the top upload speed we offer. With this internet speed, you and your family can surf, stream, watch movies, and game without worrying about interruptions.
Speed explains how quickly information is transferred to your device. It’s measured in millions of bits per second or megabits per second (Mbps). Your internet speed determines how quickly you can perform a task online, such as downloading a large image, and how many devices you can run at a time without experiencing interruptions. Not sure what upload and download speed you currently have?
Try our speed test to find out.

Data explains how much data you can consume on your plan each month. It’s measured in gigabytes (GB). You can think of data the same way you think about minutes on a cell phone plan. Once you’ve hit your data cap for the month, you need to pay for more.
1500GB is more than a terabyte of data. For most households, it’s more than enough. Use our data calculator to determine how much data you need and factor in the combined data usage of everyone in your household. We estimate you’ll need 6GB of data to stream a high-definition movie and 1GB of data to game for an hour. A group HD Zoom video call uses 2.4GB an hour, according to an analysis by If you think you may exceed 1500GB of data, consider upgrading to our unlimited data plan for $40 a month.
Check the specifications on your devices to determine their maximum speeds.