July 1, 2010 – Phoenix,AZ — If you are in the market for a new television, chances are you are looking at an HDTV. After all, the vast majority of televisions sold in the United States are High –Definition televisions. That’s why Cable ONE is putting a strong emphasis on HD programming in 2010. We recently added nine additional HD channels in many of our markets and more HD expansion is planned for later in the year.

Cable ONE has listened to our customers and we know more of them own HD television. If you own an HD television, you want programming that takes full advantage of this experience. We are increasing our HD line-up by 30% and it won’t stop there! We will add 9 more HD channels by the end of 2010.

Cable programmers are offering much more compelling, highly-rated HD channels and the majority of programming shown is in pure High- Definition. With our new additions, Cable ONE now has nine out of ten of Nielsen’s top-rated networks in HD.

The channels being added on Cable ONE’s line-up are:


If interested in any of these services or if you have questions, you can contact your local Cable One office. Cable ONE will be announcing more HD additions later this year.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., and owned by The Washington Post Company, Cable ONE provides basic cable, digital cable, high-speed Internet and phone service. Cable ONE operates fifty-two locations and serves 690,000 households in nineteen states.