Internet basics

A student studying for an exam

Computer Basics

Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning videos cover computer and device basics, working with operating systems and applications, and keeping your computer secure and updated.

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A few electronic devices

What is Wi-Fi?

Going online today most commonly involves an invisible connection to the Internet, often through a W-Fi connection. Learn more about this technology from Britannica.

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A cell phone connecting to Wi-Fi

Internet 101

Going online, surfing the web, and accessing the Internet are all the same, just different terminology. Learn from GCF Global about the Internet and how to access it in these short videos.

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Someone pressing the image of an email icon representing the creating an email account

Create an Email Account

Electronic mail or e-mail gives you the ability to communicate instantly with family and friends around the world. Check out the following steps from Google to set up a Gmail email account.

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An individual seeking health resources online

Find Health Resources

There are many websites with health tips, but it can be hard to determine what is legitimate and recommended by medical professionals. MyHealthFinder is a website run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services and has a variety of healthcare tips and information.

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A family enjoying their morning coffee while streaming TV

Stream TV

Streaming, or watching media through the Internet instead of traditional TV channels, has grown in popularity; the amount of content has also expanded rapidly. This article by Allconnect helps explain how to stream TV.

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Someone using Microsoft Word on their laptop

Use Microsoft Word

Microsoft’s program to create document such as letters, brochures and flyers is explained in this tutorial from Microsoft.

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Someone using Microsoft Excel on their computer

Use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft’s program for creating and updating spreadsheets is explained in this tutorial from Microsoft.

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Someone pressing on the Microsoft PowerPoint icon

Use Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint helps create presentations and slides. Learn more in this introduction from Microsoft.

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Friends enjoying a VR game

What is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is wildly popular right now. Learn how the technology works and what it creates from Britannica.

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The ChatGPT app icon

What is ChatGPT?

Learn about ChatGPT, one of the most popular artificial intelligence tools, in this article from Microsoft 365.

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