Computer & Online Safety

A laptop showing FAQs for customers

Keep Your Computer Safe and Updated

Learn more from CGF Global regarding what anti-virus software and software updates do for your computer and why you need them.

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Someone getting a computer virus

Computer Viruses

We all get sick sometimes, but how can a computer catch a virus? Learn about this form of computer problem from Britannica.

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Someone receiving a phishing email


Phishing is a type of scam conducted through email where consumers receive emails that look like they come from a reputable source, asking for private information and invading customer’s accounts. Learn more from the United States Federal Trade Commission, or FTC.

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Someone on a laptop downloading security software

Spyware and Malware

Two types of software to be aware of are malware or malicious software and spyware, which can hide on your computer and record your use. Learn more from the United States Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, including how to avoid these scams.

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A person making a payment for their online order

Bank Scams

Fraudsters can pose as your bank through phone calls, emails, texts and fake online websites. Learn from the American Bankers Association about these types of fraud and how to avoid them.

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