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The Sparklight Fiber Advantage

Our fiber internet makes gaming, streaming or downloading faster
Sparklight’s gigabit fiber is made of glass and harnesses the power of light, so whether you’re gaming, streaming or downloading, data transmits faster and farther. With a fiber optic network, there’s no electricity involved, which means your connection is vastly more reliable and consistent. And it’s future-proof, thoughtfully designed to always keep pace with your ambitions. It’s simply the best technology solution for internet service today, and you deserve it. 
icon super fast
With gigabit fiber internet, everything from gaming to streaming movies and music is just flat out faster. Upload speeds are equal to download speeds, enabling you to share content almost instantly.
icon ultra reliable
Unlike other networks, fiber isn’t affected by bad weather or electrical interference.
icon clean green
Compared to traditional technologies, fiber transmits more data over longer distances and uses less energy, which lowers your carbon footprint.
icon direct to you
We’ll connect your home directly to our fiber network, so your connection is all your own. This means more reliable speeds and protection from bottlenecks.
icon powerful
Fiber can easily handle multiple users on multiple devices at the same time.
Stay In the Know
Be among the first in your neighborhood to enjoy Sparklight fiber internet service. As soon as we’re ready to activate your home or business, we will reach out and get you connected.